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Our Home Staging Process

We begin by looking at your home through the eyes of buyers and the lens of the camera.  We start from the outside and work our way into the home.  The goal of all of our staging services is to market your property through high impact photos that generate an emotional connection with buyers before they even step foot inside the home. 

Every staged detail is meant to create a desired lifestyle.  Since you never get a second chance at a first impression, we make sure buyers are greeted with a feeling of "welcome home."  We then highlight the home’s focal points, showcase positive features, maximize room layouts and flow and define each room by giving it a purpose through strategic prop placement.  Every property we stage receives a custom interior marketing plan.  As a result, buyers are able to visualize themselves living in each space.  The staging is there to answer all of their questions, creating home buyer confidence and maximizing potential offers.

We Provide Furniture, Accessories and More...

Our interior merchandising experts continuously restock our inventory with fresh and current design trends as well as interesting items collected from Coast to Coast.  We offer a large selection of Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Bedroom, Office and Outdoor furniture pieces to compliment any architectural style.  We complete each specific interior marketing plan with rugs, art, greenery, lamps, towels, decorative pillows, kitchen accessories and miscellaneous lifestyle artifacts to merchandise your home for sale.

Menu of Services

Pre-Listing Consultation & Exclusive Ready for Market Checklist

A must for any home that will be occupied while going on the market.  This comprehensive consultation includes an evaluation of the entire property.  Beginning with curb appeal, we create the best first impression possible.  As we tour the home, we look for suggestions to maximize your your selling potential. Any necessary home repairs and improvements are identified, including cleaning, paint selections, carpet recommendations, and fixture replacements.  Recommended furniture and accessory placement will also be provided to define room functions and create desirable traffic flow throughout the property.  This custom action plan, exclusive to Coast to Coast Interiors, will be sent in an easy to follow Ready for Market checklist.


Occupied Home Staging

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Hands on home staging for the occupied home going on the market.  We begin by evaluating the property and identifying how to maximize the home's selling potential.  This process includes defining living spaces, highlighting property features and creating optimal traffic flow.  Our staging professionals will stage the property using the seller's existing furnishings and accessories that work with your custom interior marketing plan.  Existing items will be edited and relocated to achieve our plan.  The final step will be the addition of lifestyle elements that will generate an emotional connection with buyers.  For optimal results, plan in advance by scheduling a prelisting consultation. 

Occupied Home Staging plus Furniture and Accessory Rental

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Your Pre-Listing Consultation may determine that the property would benefit from supplemental furniture and or accessory rental.  After the seller has completed the Ready for Market Checklist, CCI staging professionals will return with hand selected inventory items to merchandise the property's interior marketing plan.  The installation is generally scheduled as close to the real estate photography date as possible, to ensure the property is photo ready. 

Vacant Home Staging

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A high impact approach to getting your vacant home market ready! Your property will stand out from the competition with our most popular staging option.  Our team of interior merchandising specialists will  hand select furniture and accessories from our vast collection of home staging rental inventory to compliment your home’s architectural style and highlight its best features.  The final layer of our process targets specific buyers and generates an emotional connection through the strategic placement of lifestyle artifacts.  The results of this exclusive process lead to more offers and a higher return on investment.  

Luxury Home Staging

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Our luxury interior marketing team will tailor our vacant home staging process to meet your luxury property needs.  Your concierge style service will include strategic merchandising with affluent lifestyle artifacts that incorporate estate level style and sophistication including high end furnishings, gallery art, luxurious textiles, and other high living amenities for ideal presentation.

Short-Term and Vacation Rental Styling

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Our short-term rental design team has experience living around the globe and knows how to create an inviting interior experience from coast to coast and beyond.  We focus on generating rental appeal that compliments the regional style experience guests are looking for when booking a vacation rental.  As a result your investment property will  stand out on the rental market and generate top-rating reviews, and consistent revenues.  This is also a great option for short-term corporate housing rentals looking to increase occupancy revenues. 

Lifestyle Interior Styling

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Are you staying in your home, but ready for a change or need assistance pulling the style of your home together?  Are you in need of updates or perhaps you are you preparing for a special occasion?  We style for living, using your current furnishings and even provide personal recommendations for paint colors, updated fixtures, as well as furniture and accessories upon request.  Style and stage your home for living!

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