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First, we always see your home as a blank canvas.  Always considering how a room will photograph, we start from the outside and work our way into your home.  Staging to provide the highest impact photos possible.  Every detail is meant to create a great first impression. We highlight a home’s focal points, showcase positive features and create inviting scenes that appeal to your home’s specific demographic of buyers while emphasizing room flow. We do this by first researching who will buy your home and then assess your home’s best features.  We then customize a staging plan specifically for your home.  Each room will be given a purpose, so buyers will never question its function, allowing them to visualize themselves living in each space.  Just as you dress each day for a specific occasion, we dress your home for a specific buyer(s).

Flexible & Affordable

Our home staging menu offers a variety personalized, quality home staging and styling services designed to allow us to work within any budget and resulting in your property looking its absolute best!  We will help with as little or as much as you need!

Occupied Staging

LifeStyle Staging

Consultation & Custom Action Plan Checklist

$225 (Up to 2 ½ hours)

This comprehensive consultation includes an evaluation of your entire home, inside and out. Beginning with curb appeal, we create the best first impression possible. As we tour your property, we look for suggestions to maximize your home’s selling potential.  Recommendations are made to de-personalize, selecting which items should stay and those that should be packed away.  Room functions are defined along with furniture and accessory placement.  Necessary home repairs and improvements are identified, including cleaning, paint selections, carpet recommendations, and fixture replacements.  A custom action plan will be provided in an easy to follow personalized checklist, exclusive to Susan Bourassa, Coast to Coast Inspirations within 3-5 business days.


Power Styling & Showcasing

Starting at $300

If your home is clean, depersonalized, updated and in good repair, you are ready for showcasing! Allow us to put the icing on the cake! Our team will take a critique look of each room from every angle!  We’ll fine tune your style to ensure it will be picture perfect!  Furniture and accessory placement will be showcased specifically for your real estate pictures and open house presentation.  Accessory packages are available to rent for maximum impact!


Full Service Occupied Home Staging

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An all inclusive, full service home staging for the home going on the market, but you still live in.  Phase I begins with our comprehensive Pre-listing consultation, providing you with our easy to follow custom checklist.  You’ll receive specific recommendations for any necessary depersonalization, cleaning, home repairs, updates, paint selections, carpet recommendations, and fixture replacements.  During Phase II, we style your home by using as many of your existing furnishings and accessories as possible. Existing items may be moved to tell a better story, improve space, flow, or function.  Phase III…your Coast to Coast Inspired home is ready to showcase!  Showcasing is the exciting final step that highlights your homes best features and provides lifestyle appeal with our accessory rental packages.

Accessory Rental Package

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Once your home is styled using your existing furnishings, we can give individual rooms optimal showcasing and lifestyle appeal with our accessory rental packages.  Prices start at $30/room. Contents vary based on each home and room’s unique needs. We continuously restock our inventory with fresh and current design trends as well as interesting items we’ve collected from Coast to Coast.  We offer small furniture pieces, rugs, art, greenery, lamps, towels, decorative pillows, kitchen accessories, and much, much more to merchandise your home for sale.

Vacant Staging

Full Vacant Home Staging

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A high impact approach to getting a vacant home market ready!  Staging real estate is about selling the dream. Phase I begins with our comprehensive Pre-listing consultation, providing you with our easy to follow custom checklist including any cleaning, home repairs, updates, paint selections, carpet recommendations, and fixture replacements.  If you’ve successfully completed renovations prior to our visit, we can immediately implement Phase II, defining the function of each room and transforming your vacant property into a home. A unique collection of furnishings will be selected to enhance your home’s best features. Now to Phase III, we showcase your home with the final step in our hands-on merchandising service! We strategically add luxurious lifestyle elements and touches of style and sophistication that appeal to buyers in your home’s specific demographic of buyers.

"Key Room" Home Staging

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Make your home stand out from the competition with our very popular, cost effective Key Room Staging Option.  Providing the same three phases of service as described in our vacant home stage focusing on “Key Rooms/Areas” of your home.  Carefully selected furniture and accessories are brought in to stage the first impression entry area, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms with the same level of attention to detail, marketing your home to the specific buyers in your neighborhood.

Vignette Home Staging

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Allow your vacant home to tell a story and invoke positive emotional connections with buyers through our Vignette Home Staging service.  Through minimal, but strategic home merchandising, we create just the right mood in just the right places of a home using a few pieces of furniture and accessories.  Focal points are typically designed with intimate sitting areas, greenery, and artwork.  Lighting elements and reflective items are brought in to provide more light and space to rooms, while textured pillows and soft throws are added to bring in color and warmth.  Entryways are designed to give a welcoming first impression. Master Bedrooms convey as a personal oasis and private suite.  Bathrooms are accessorized as luxurious retreats while kitchens are showcased as the heart of the home. Individual prices are based on number of areas to be staged and inventory selection.

Lifestyle Staging

Style and Stage

to Dwell

Starting at $350 for 3 Rooms

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Are you staying in your home, but ready for a change, updates, or preparing for a special occasion?  Perhaps you just don’t know how to pull it all together.  Allow my team to start by styling your home using your current furnishings and accessories.  Personal recommendations for paint colors, updated fixtures, and accessories are also provided. We’ll help you find your personal style or just pull your current style together.  Why wait any longer? Style and stage your home for the life you live now!