What is Home Staging?

Just like any other product for sale, a home needs to be effectively packaged and marketed to attract prospective buyers. Quality home staging is interior marketing that increases the perceived value of a property.  It is both an art and a science, that incorporates marketing techniques to elicit an emotional appeal to buyers by creating a lifestyle for which they aspire.  Professional home staging incorporates proven design techniques that maximizes room flow, showcases a home’s features and creates inviting and memorable images in a house that now feels like home.


Home staging is not a “cost”, it is an investment.  It “costs” to continue paying mortgage payments while a house sits on the market.  The investment in home staging is almost always less than the cost of the first price reduction.  How you present your property to buyers, not only determines how long your home stays on the market, it determines the final sales price.  It has been proven that home staging consistently adds value to real estate investments.

Home staging takes the guesswork out of marketing your home to buyers.  As interior marketing professionals, we continuously study real estate, neighborhoods and design trends, to ease the stress of selling while getting you the highest return on your investment possible. 

A few final thoughts as you prepare to market your home for sale:​

  • On average, staged home sell 88% faster and for 20% more.

  • It is hard to judge how large an empty room is when there’s nothing in it to use as a point of reference.

  • Buyers can not visualize how furniture will fit in an empty space. If they are not certain – they will not buy.

  • Prospective buyers fixate their attention on negative details in empty rooms and as a result fail to see the overall living space.  

  • When it is necessary to sell a home while it is occupied, buyers can get distracted by the sellers personal items and decor that is too specific.  As a result, they remember a sellers things rather than the house they came to buy.